Are you tired of having to manually check and manage the chemical levels of your pool multiple times a week? A good chlorinator can automate the process and drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on pool maintenance. Check below for the pool chlorinators we offer at Pool Rescue.

Three Reasons to Buy a Chlorinator in Melbourne—and Where to Find One for Sale

Have you been looking for an easier way to manage and maintain your swimming pool? Investing in a chlorinator in Melbourne can make your life easier in numerous ways—all without adding too much cost to your swimming pool. But is a chlorinator the right choice for you? Read on to find out more about the primary benefits that a swimming pool chlorinator can provide.

The Benefits of Pool Chlorinators

  1. A chlorinator will automate the process of sanitising your pool

    Having your own swimming pool is a huge pleasure—especially on hot days when you want to cool off after work, or for any occasion where you are entertaining friends or family. If there’s one thing that pool owners don’t love, it’s taking care of the chemical side of things. Having to dump new doses of chlorine into your pool every few days takes time, leaves your hands smelling like chlorine and is all too easy to forget. When you buy a chlorinator for your pool, you can automate the pool sanitisation process. Sure, you must restock the chlorinator with chemicals ever two or three weeks, but other than that, the machine will do all the work keeping your pool clean and bacteria-free.

  2. Using a chlorinator is better for you and your skin

    Having to handle chlorine every few days isn’t just a hassle because it takes time. Chlorine can also leave a very strong chemical smell on your hands and can be extremely drying for your skin. Using a chlorinator—and cutting down on how often you handle pool chemicals directly—keeps your skin healthier and frees you from having to smell chlorine every time you have a meal or scratch your face. Not dealing with chlorine directly is one of the big reasons that pool owners start looking for chlorinators for sale.

  3. A chlorinator distributes chemicals throughout your swimming pool in a way that is better for the pool’s equipment

    When you buy a chlorinator for your Melbourne pool, you get a smart device that will slowly distribute and diffuse chlorine throughout the pool, as needed. Not only does this automation reduce the likelihood of you over-chlorinating or under-chlorinating your pool, but it also helps protect the equipment that keeps the pool running. Too much chlorine poured into your pool at one time can damage the pump and other equipment, while also causing more wear to the surfaces. A chlorinator, with its slow distribution process, keeps the chlorine concentration from becoming too high in any one part of the pool—thus preventing unintended damage.

Where to Find a Chlorinator for Sale in Melbourne

If you are looking to buy a chlorinator in Melbourne, then Pool Rescue can help. Our state of the art pool chlorinators will help you maintain your pool more effectively while cutting down the amount of time you spend on active pool maintenance each week. To learn more about the pool chlorinators we have for sale, give us a call on 1300 766 573.